SARA-C designed for compliance testing of wireless products for their SAR assessment according to most international standards

After ten years of continuing development driven by system and standards requirements, IndexSAR can offer a range of probes for the measurement of E and H fields in both free space and lossy materials.

A strengthened SAM phantom conforms to the dimensions required by the CTIA over the air test plan. IndexSAR can offer a number of phantom hands with various ‘grips’ depending on the device under test.

The Drive test package has been developed to simulate a human holding a handset against the head, and can be used in various applications including Handset verification and network performance testing

Indexsar specialize in turnkey test systems for the management of SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) and human body phantoms for use in performance testing of wireless devices.

Our products include a range of highly isotropic E-field probes for use in both air and tissue simulant liquids, equipment for the accurate testing of the dielectric properties of phantom liquids and gels. For OTA (Over the air testing) testing, we can supply a range suitable phantoms and fixtures meeting the requirement of the CTIA v 3.1 Test Plan, (SAM head, hands and liquids). Services offered include SAR probe calibration and the custom testing of tissue simulant material.

Latest News

March 2011

Click here for more informationCTIA hands and fixtures

Now that the CTIA OTA Test Plan version 3.1 has been recently been voted for, IndexSAR are now in full production with hands fully compliant to version 3.1. All hands now have the new common recipe and have be made by a common process as agreed with the CTIA v 3.1. [...]

Nov 2009

Click here for more informationCTIA hands and fixtures

For the last two years Indexsar have been heavily involved with the CTIA Head and hand working group in the development of Phantom Hands for OTA testing according to their revised standard: CTIA Test Plan for Mobile Station Over the Air Performance, Revision 3.0 (April 2009).

At the first CTIA audit at ETS-Lindgren on the 28th September, the IndexSAR IXB series of phantom hands, accessories, and fixtures were successfully tested in conjunction with the IndexSAR SAM phantom head. [...]

Nov 2008


SARA-C : first of a new generation of compliant cost effective SAR testing systems for testing head and body worn devices

The SARA-C is the first SAR test system the does not require a large and costly, complex industrial robot. By implementing some novel techniques the system still uses the advantage of upright, full head, phantom geometry, successfully used in SARA2, and fully meets the requirements of the new IEC 62209 draft standards. In addition, the SARA-C can make compliant test scans in around 6 minutes, 50% less time than convention robot systems.

Nov 2006
Following requests for a smaller phantom hand, we have produced a new hand, 10% smaller than our standard IXB-060 hand.

The new IXB-090 is made from our standard material using carbon powder and chopped carbon fibre. The attenuation effect of this hand is very similar to our standard hand, but with less weight, which could be important in some test systems.

The IXB-090 is being used 'in house' by Nokia and has been presented to the CTIA by them.