About Us

About Us

IndexSAR specialise in the manufacture test equipment testing wireless devices in the frequency range 300MHz – 6GHz

We are focused in two main radio testing areas: SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) testing, and the manufacture of body phantoms and human body tissue simulants for radio, Over The Air (OTA), performance testing.

Our SAR products include a cost effective standards compliant SAR testing system, a range of highly isotropic E-field probes for use in both air and tissue simulant liquids, and a unique high accuracy test kit for the measurement of the dielectric properties of liquids and gels.

For device and antenna performance testing we can supply a wide range of suitable phantoms and fixtures meeting the requirement of the CTIA Test Plan.

IndexSAR have been active participants on a number of radio standards bodies for many years.

The company is a progressive flexible organisation based on decades of experience in the wireless testing industry that is able and welcomes custom developments to meet specific test applications.

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