Hand Phantoms

Hand Phantoms

rightpic-phantom-handThe energy absorbed from a handset by the hand is an important issue as it can alter the radiation pattern and cause considerable degradation of phone performance.Real human hands are inhomogeneous exist in a wide range of sizes and can assume an almost limitless range of shapes.

IndexSAR has worked closely with the CTIA ‘Head and hands working group’, and collaborated with a number of major handset manufacturers to develop first, a standard hand and, secondly, a range of phantom hands with ‘grips’ to meet the varying requirements of a wide range of wireless handsets and handheld devices and their specific applications.

Hands are manufactured from silicone with carbon powder as the predominant lossy material to give the required dielectric properties over the wide frequency range of 700MHz to 6GHz.

The IXB-05XR & L phantom hands have been formed from a standard Hand whose dimensions have been based on a number of studies of human hands, the hand model shape and dimensions are based on the anthropomorphic data of the average male + female 50th percentile adult hand dimensions as published by the US Army [Gorden et al., 1989]. Primarily “Hand Anthropometry of US Army Personal, Thomas M. Greiner; Army Natick Research Development and Engineering Center, 1991

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