IXB-10X series Block Hand Phantoms

Block hands give a closer impedance match to ‘real’ human hands compared to conventional carbon loaded silicone hand phantoms.

They are ideal for use in adaptive antenna development



The IXB-100 blocks mimic the impedance effects of a real hand closer than the CTIA hands. Impedance matching is important to the performance of adaptive antennas.

They are manufactured from material with an identical recipe to that used in compliant CTIA Test Plan hand phantoms

Block hands can be used as a generic hand and accommodate more devices than a conventional hand but care should be taken that it is likely to show ‘worst case’ hand effects.


IXB-10x series block hand phantoms

Material dielectric properties according to CTIA OTA Test Plan 3.x
• Wide frequency range 600MHz – 2.7GHz (3- 6GHz available)
• Stable, elastic material with optimised stiffness
• Adjustable finger block to simulate finger pressure
• Optional flat tissue stimulant block for impedance testing in antenna development
• Optional fixing mounts & SAM assembly
• Left and right hand blocks
• Geometric shape for ease of modelling

IXB-10X series Block Hand NS Datasheet 160217

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