IXD-xxx SAR Validation Dipoles

For SAR system validation and setting up the air-link to a base station simulator.

The IXD dipoles are made from standard, copper-sheathed coaxial cable In a ‘classic ‘dipole construction as described in the standards. Each IXD is gold plated to reduce tarnishing, and fitted with a male SMA connector.

Balanced dipoles are required as the transmitting source to be used for periodic SAR system validation using a signal generator, RF power amplifier and power meter.

Standard frequencies offered are: 450, 900,1450 1800.1900,2100 and 2450MHz, 5-6GHz other frequencies are available to order.




The IXD series dipoles are made from semi-rigid co-axial cable and are gold-plated with SMA connectors supplied. The dimensions are as described in the standards. Each dipole is supplied with an individual calibration report.

SAR system validation dipoles are designed to have low return loss ONLY when presented at a proscribed distance, against a lossy liquid filled box phantom. Spacing distances are specified in the standards i.e.10mm from the liquid (for 1800MHz). Low loss foam spacers are supplied with each IXD dipole, to ensure this condition during measurement.

These dipoles can also prove useful for setting up an air-link connection between a test set and a phone under test.

 SAR Validation Dipoles NSData 150730

Additional information

Frequency (MHz)

450, 700, 835, 900, 1450, 1610, 1800, 1900, 2100, 2450, 2600, 5200-5800

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