IXBS-050L/R Mono Right & Left Hand Spacer (CTIA Hands)


IXBS-050R Hand spacer for Mono (Brick) CTIA hand IXB-050R

IXBS-050L Hand spacer for Mono (Brick) CTIA hand IXB-050L

Hollow SLA fixtures that fit snugly in the palm of each corresponding CTIA hands ensuring repeatable phone positioning.

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Hand spacer for Mono CTIA hand IXB-050L/R left or right hands

An important part of the hand development program has been the design of a detachable low loss ‘air’ spacer and phone positioner (IXBS-05xR & L) that fits, and can be fixed to, the palm of hand.  This allows the phone to be held as shown in the human studies and, most importantly, be positioned with repeatability.

The hand spacers and mounts are formed from a hollow SLA plastic with a wall thickness of  just 1mm to minimize RF effects. The IXBS spacers have been produced from the original hand data files, being equivalent to the volume of air from the back plane of the phone to the palm of the hand.

The DUT is fixed to the spacer using 3M ‘Dual Lock’ strip for easy device holding, giving virtually no lateral movement. The spacer has number graduations to permit easy positioning. OTA tests have shown excellent repeatability to within +/- 0.1dB.

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