New Phantom Hand – CTIA hands and fixtures

For the last two years Indexsar have been heavily involved with the CTIA Head and hand working group in the development of Phantom Hands for OTA testing according to their revised standard: CTIA Test Plan for Mobile Station Over the Air Performance, Revision 3.0 (April 2009)

0911_ctia-handssmlAt the first CTIA audit at ETS-Lindgren on the 28th September, the IndexSAR IXB series of phantom hands, accessories, and fixtures were successfully tested in conjunction with the IndexSAR SAM phantom head. They were tested in both ‘Talk’ and ‘Data’ modes which were investigated in detail. It was confirmed that the combination of fixtures and phantoms were found to meet the requirements of the standard for integration into both ‘conical cut’ and ‘roll-over’ azimuth OTA systems. A further CTIA audit was made at SATIMO on the 28th October and the IndexSAR hands and fixtures were again found to meet the CTIA requirements.



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