IXB-090 Classic Hand grip with Extended Forearm

Forearm is an extension to the existing IXB-090 Hand and has been designed for wrist or ankle worn devices.

  • Classic’ IndexSAR hand grip
  • Two versions available Left IXB-090LFE and Right IXB-090RFE
  • Wide frequency range 700MHz – 2.7GHz
  • Stable, elastic material with optimised stiffness
  • Positioning spacer with graduation marks
  • ‘Grasps’ most block handsets



The energy absorbed by the hand/wrist from a RF device is an important issue as it can affect the radiation pattern and cause considerable degradation to the performance of a wireless device.

The IXB-090RFE/LFE have been developed in response to requests for testing wrist worn wireless devices.

IndexSAR have produced hand phantoms for many years, they were in close collaboration with a number of major handset manufacturers to develop a standard IndexSAR ‘Classic’ hand grip. The IXB-060/090 phantom hand shape was carefully considered to be configured into the most common setting a real hand may adopt when holding a handset. It has also been sized to allow most standard ‘Block’ handsets to be ‘grasped’.

The hands are produce from silicone, loaded with carbon powder as the predominant lossy material to give the required dielectric properties over the wide frequency range of 600MHz to 2.8GHz.

For positional repeatability the hands are reasonably ‘stiff’, allowing some flexibility to cater for most ‘Block’ DUT’s.

The IndexSAR ‘classic’ hands are produced in x 2 sizes; IXB-060 (original worst case size) and IXB-090, that is 10% less by dimension than the IXB-060. The IXB-090 is similar in size to that described in the current CTIA test plan.(see separate datasheet for IXB-060RFE)

Positioning accuracy and repeatability are of key importance, and with the unique air spacer/ platform, repeatability +/- 0.1dB has been achieved in OTA tests.

IXB-090LFE-RFE right forearm NS datasheet 150828

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