IXS-040 SARA-C Compliant SAR Testing System

A compliant automatic SAR testing system for head and body worn wireless devices SARA-C offers a flexible and responsive approach to SAR testing. SARA-C is built around an agile, lightweight, 6-axis Cartesian robot. It encapsulates all the proven benefits conventional robotic systems, but with a modern approach on design and usabilit

  • Accuracy parallel to other compliant systems
  • SAR results in as little as 24 seconds, with built in test-reduction strategies
  • Small lab footprint 500 x 7200mm
  • Total system size is 500 x 7200 x 1500mm.
  • Works straight out of the box
  • Performs equally well in the compliance or R&D environment
  • Benign stable liquids
  • Ease of liquid handling & storage



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IndexSAR have been active in manufacturing compliant SAR testing systems for nearly two decades 

SARA-C is cost-effective, self contained, testing system for measuring the SAR of mobile phones and similar wireless devices. Fully compatible with most common worldwide standards for radiating devices, operating at the ear or body.

By implementing novel techniques, SARA-C still uses the advantage of upright, full head, phantom geometry. By requiring only a limited amount of tissue simulant fluid, and simplifying the robot design, the cost of ownership is dramatically reduced. The same configuration will allow the measurement of small base stations and pico-cells for localised SAR as required in EN50383.

The SARA-C robot is a simple 6-axis machine – Cartesian X, Y and Z axis are supplemented with the ability to rotate a probe about its axis; a 5th axis rotates a side dipole, and the final 6th axis drives the device table lift. The construction has a minimal metal content except for the stepper motors, but even these act remotely from the measurement area via non-metallic toothed belts. The SARA-C robot is mounted on a wooden stand bench and uses low-dielectric fixtures to mount test devices and validation antennas .

The robot is PC controlled via a USB link. Measurement data are transferred from the measurement probe via an optical cable. Fully compliant head & body tests take less than 12 minutes, but SARA-C also had two proprietary FastSAR modes:- the first reduces the duration of a single scan to one-and-a-half minutes, while the second reduces it to just 24 seconds with less than 5% additional measurement uncertainty. With built-in validation hardware and software for all 3 modes, the system is ideal for both development, or compliance testing.

The total system size is 500 x 720 x 1500mm. (Excluding PC and controller).

Compatible with all major world-wide SAR specifications including:

  • IEC 62209-1
  • IEC 62209-2
  • IEEE 1528
  • FCC OET65 (now superceded by KDB regime)
  • FCC KDBs including
  • KDB 447498 (General guidance)
  • KDB 865664 (General SAR measurement requirements)
  • KDB 248227 (Wi-Fi specific requirements)


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